Short Stories


I was standing in the sea, ankle-deep in water that was splashing up against my rolled-up pyjama bottoms. The reflection of the moon made a pointed line on the sea’s surface, guiding me like an arrow to go further in. I heard a voice calling my name. I looked over my shoulder, expecting to seeContinue reading “Jellyfish”

The Unhappy Abacus

The Abacus was moaning to the empty classroom again. ‘I don’t count anymore,’ he said. ‘I feel useless.’ As he spoke, his coloured beads flicked from side to side along the metal rods that formed his torso. The beads made a clicking sound that created a mathematical fluidity to his speech. On the top ofContinue reading “The Unhappy Abacus”

Your Final Engagement

You sit alone in your armchair, waiting. I’m hiding in the darkest corner of the room as you rest in silence, unaware that I’m staring at you. From the viewpoint of anyone passing by it would appear as though you’re quite content. But from my all seeing eyes, I know you’re riddled with uncomfortable thoughts, andContinue reading “Your Final Engagement”